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At the library
  • Place tracts in returning books
  • Leave a tract on the desktops
  • Leave a tract in the restroom

    Renting a video
  • Return the video with a tract inside

    Amusment Parks
  • Leave tracts in the restrooms
  • Place tracts on the benchs
  • Leave a tract on the rides
  • Here are additional usage ideas.
      At Church
    • Give everyone in your Sunday School class a tract and teach the lesson from it. Then send the tracts home for their parents to read.
    • Hand out tracts along with the programs for your church plays.

      At the bank
    • Place a tract in the drive-through cylinder
    • Leave a tract in the night drop box

      Going bowling
    • Leave a tract in the rented shoes
    • Leave a tract at the lane
    • Place tracts on the video games

    • Leave tracts on the waiting room chairs and tables
    • Place tracts inside the magazines

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