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The story of Jonah comes alive in this full-color comic!

Price: $1.99

(Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac and Windows.)

iPad version available here.

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The biblical account of Jonah is one of the most incredible stories in the Bible. The artwork in this comic helps bring this amazing story to life.

It begins with the compelling account of a man from the 1900s who also lived to tell about being swallowed alive. The fish's digestive juices destroyed the man's hair and discolored his skin but he was cut out of the fish's belly 2 days later —still alive!

Suddenly, Jonah's adventure becomes more real. And once readers learn how God sent Jonah to spare Nineveh from judgment, they'll also discover that God sent His own Son to save us from hell.

This full-color comic will build faith in the scriptures and lead people to Jesus. It's a powerful witnessing tool!

  • Jonah refuses
  • Rough Seas
  • Jonah thrown overboard
  • Jonah in the belly
  • Assyria
  • Jonah regurgetated
  • Jonah preaches
  • Nineveh saved

Use as a witnessing tool

  • Show Jonah to a friend or family member. They will enjoy the artwork and the story will give you an opportunity to talk with them about where they will spend eternity. The last part of Jonah presents a clear and convicting salvation message.

  • Use Jonah as a teaching aid in your classroom. Children love to hear the story of Jonah and the pictures will help them better understand his story.

  • Lend Jonah to someone else for up to 14 days. Amazon's Kindle software lets you lend eBooks just as you would a printed book.

How do I get the comic?

Jonah is available as a digital comic (Kindle eBook) on any device that supports the Amazon Kindle reading app. If you already have the app, click here to purchase the comic.

Or, choose your device below and we'll take you to to download the free app. Afterwards, you can purchase and read the digital comic.

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You can also purchase Jonah as a Nook eBook by going here.