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Look What's Missing

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Author: David W Daniels
ISBN: 9780758907349
Price: $12.95 US
Pages: 256 - paperback

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Publishers are removing things from new Bibles!

Publishers of modern Bible versions have been removing words, phrases, and even whole verses, but their readers are often unaware of it.  Few people know the Bible well enough to notice when something has been taken out.

But the results are hard to believe.  The removal of one tiny word turns Jesus into a liar.  Callers into Christian talk shows have even used this to say that it’s okay for a Christian to lie.  After all, they say, Jesus did it.

A verse that’s completely missing from some of the most popular Bibles available today completely removes one of the basic doctrines found in every evangelical church.  When David Daniels shows this one to people they just stand with their mouths open and say, “I can’t believe it!”

In another case, Jesus’ own words are removed, taking out a famous phrase in which Jesus explains why He came to earth.  People react with:  “They took out Jesus words!  How can they do that?”

This information has been right under our noses for years, but no one has ever taken the time to cull through this many Bible versions and find the missing parts.  Author David Daniels did the research and now releases his results for the Christian world to see what is really missing.

How about your Bible? Is it on the list of Bibles with pieces taken out?  You might be surprised when you look at what’s missing.

Read this story taken from the book "Look What's Missing"


Preface: Is Your Bible Defective?
List of Bible Versions and their Abbreviations
What about the KJV Look-alikes?

PART ONE: Look What's Missing - Why It Matters

Chapter 1 - One Missing Word that Made Jesus a Liar

Chapter 2 - The Unanswered Question
        The Trip of a Lifetime

Chapter 3 - "They Took out Jesus' Words." How Dare They Do That!

Chapter 4 - The Dirty Secret about Italics, Brackets and Footnotes
        "But it's in the Footnotes"
        "But it's in Italics"
        "But it's in Brackets"

Chapter 5 - Did God Inspire the Original Manuscripts but Not Preserve Them?
        Are Copies Inspired, or only the Originals?
        What About All Those Other Bibles?

Chapter 6 - Look What's Missing in Matthew - and Why

Chapter 7 - What Do They Really Teach Your Kids in Bible College?
        Three Things to Watch out for
        Want Proof?
        One Teaching You Must Know About
        What Does God Say about This?

PART TWO: What You Should Know about the 15 Best-Known Bible Versions

Chapter 8 - The Root of "Modern" Bibles: ERV and ASV
        A Movement of Doubters
        It All Started with Westcott and Hort
        The English Revised Version
        Why Was a Unitarian on the Revision Committee?
        What was Different abouth the English Revised Version?
        The American Standard Version
        What Happened after Westcott and Hort?

Chapter 9 - The Bible Becomes Ecumenical: RSV, NRS, ESV
        Can't We All Just Get Along?
        The Revised Standard Version
        How "Ecumenical" Was the RSV?
        The New Revised Standard Version
        The English Standard Version
        How Different is the ESV?
        See for Yourself

Chapter 10 - If It Looks Like a Duck... NAS and NAU
        My Story
        The NASB: Another Bible Built upon a Faulty Foundation
        What's Missing from the New American Standard?
        Brackets in the New American Standard
        The New American Standard 1995 Update

Chapter 11 - The "International" Bibles: NIV, TNIV and NIrV
        Something for Nothing?
        Something for Everyone?
        Something is Missing
        The Only... What?
        Today's NIV: a Sneaky Way to Keep a Promise
        What's Missing from the TNIV?
        New International Reader's Version (NIrV)
        What's Missing from the NIrV?

Chapter 12 - Error Paraphrased: LB and NLT
        More Good Intentions... with the Same Faulty Foundation
        What�s Missing from the Living Bible?
        The New Living Translation
        What's Missing from the New Living Translation?

Chapter 13 - The "Pick and Choose Bible:" AMP (The Amplified Bible)
        The Verse That Would Not End
        The Reader That Becomes the Bible Translator
        Those Irritating Italics
        What's Missing from the Amplified Bible?
        Do We Need a "Multiple-Choice" Bible?

Chapter 14 - A Counterfeit Message: (MSG)
        The Problem with Paraphrases
        Getting Creative with the Truth
        Is The Message a Bible?
        What's Missing from The Message?

Chapter 15 - The Bible that Almost Was: CSB
        A Third Foundation
        The So-Called "Majority Text"
        The Faulty Foundation for the CSB
        What's Missing from the Holman Christian Standard?

Chapter 16 - How Much Scripture Are We Allowed to Doubt?

PART THREE: What's Missing from Your Bible?

Chapter 17 - Look What's Missing... in 40 Versions
        The Short List: 45 Missing Verses in Modern Bibles
        The Big List: 257 Verses Missing Text in Modern Bibles

        Missing Titles of the Lord Jesus Christ
                What's Missing? "Lord"
                What's Missing? "Jesus"
                What's Missing? "Christ"
                What's Missing? "Jesus Christ" or "Christ Jesus"
                What's Missing? "Lord Jesus Christ"

        Missing Words Concerning the Godhead
                What's Missing? The Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Ghost)
                What's Missing "God"
                What's Missing? "The Father" (of the Lord Jesus Christ)
                What's Missing? Only "Begotten" Son
                What's Missing? Mary's "Firstborn" Son
                What's Missing? "The Son of God"
                What's Missing? The Eternal Son
                What's Missing? Only "God" is "good"
                The Holy Spirit and man's spirit

        Missing Words Concerning the Gospel Message
                What's Missing? Belief in Christ for Salvation
                What's Missing? Christ Died "for us"
                What's Missing? Christ Alone Shed His "blood" to Pay for our Sins
                What's Missing? Christ's Blood of the "New" Testament
                What's Missing? We are Not Saved by Works or Riches
                What's Missing? Repentance
                What's Missing? Details of Christ's Mission
                What's Missing? Other Gospel Doctrines

        Missing Words Concerning Salvation and Damnation
                What's Missing? Words Regarding Hell
                What's Missing? Words Regarding the Second Coming
                What's Missing? Words Regarding the Resurrection of the Dead
                What's Missing? Words Regarding the Judgment and Eternal Punishment

        Missing Words Concerning Heaven and Angels
                What's Missing? Words Concerning Heaven
                What's Missing? Words about the Doctrine of Angels
                • Angels of God
                • Satan

        Missing Words Concerning Prayer and Fasting
                Other Missing Words of Christ

        Missing Historical Details Concerning the Life of Christ and the Early Church
                What's Missing? Details from the Life of Christ
                What's Missing? Details of the Early Church

        Missing Doctrines of the Apostles
                What's Missing? Adultery
                What's Missing? Fornication
                What's Missing? Other Words God Wrote Through the Apostles and Early                 Church Leaders

Chapter 18 - What's Missing—at a Glance
        Chart A: Alphabetical Order by Version
        Chart B: In Order of the Number of Verses Affected
        Chart C: In Order of Date of Publication

Index of Scriptures
Index by Bible Version

See all videos on David's blog

Radio Interviews

Interview #5 - (April 19, 2011)

Listen to the interview     |     Download to computer (Part 1) (Part 2)

Pastor Brad Brandon, of the Word of Truth radio program, interviewed author David W. Daniels on AM 980 KKMS. Click here to see a list of the questions he answers.

Interview #4 - (March 22, 2011)

Listen to the interview     |     Download to computer (Part 1) (Part 2)

Larry Spargimino, of Southwest Radio Ministries, interviewed author David W. Daniels and you can hear it live on radio beginning March 22nd. Click here to see a list of the questions he answers.

Interview #3 - (November 22, 2010)

Listen to the interview     |     Download to computer (Part 1) (Part 2)

Larry Spargimino of Southwest Radio Ministries interviewed David W. Daniels. Click here to see a list of the questions he answers.

Interview #2 - (February 12, 2010)

Listen on Youtube     |     Download to computer

Daniels speaks with Dominic Garrisi and Dustin Dilworth on WBLW radio. Learn:
  • What led to David's salvation.
  • The Devil's oldest trick..."Yea, hath God said?"
  • Wasn't the KJV produced for purely political reasons?
  • Is NKJV the same as KJV but easier to read?
  • Was America founded on the Geneva Bible?
  • How he came to work for Chick Publications.
  • How he came to believe the King James Bible as Gods preserved words in English.

Interview #1 - (October 6, 2009)

Listen on Youtube     |     Download to computer

Radio interview with Brent Allan Winters and David W. Daniels. Learn:

  • Did God preserve His words as He promised?
  • Four ways Bible publishers remove verses from your Bible.
  • Why do new Bible versions come out so often?
  • Did the Puritans refuse to use the KJV?
  • Are we God's servants or His slaves?
  • Can you have confidence that your Bible has "the" words of God?
  • Should the Bible be "gender neutral?"
  • Does your Bible have God's words or man's words?



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