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Winning the Witnesses

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Author: Daniel Rodriquez
ISBN: 9780758907035
Price: $7.50 US
Pages: 107 - Paperback

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Proven step-by-step methods that will help you bring Jehovah’s Witnesses to Christ.

While serving as an Associate Pastor in 1996, Daniel Rodriguez was instrumental in targeting his city’s large Jehovah’s Witness population. Construction of a Kingdom Hall was stopped because the strategies in this book either won Witnesses to Christ or destroyed their faith in the Watchtower Society.

The step-by-step plan in this practical, easy-reading book will help you to reach Jehovah’s Witnesses like you never thought possible.

  • Why Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t listen when you quote your Bible.
  • How to get them to actually hear and receive your words.
  • How you can get them to doubt their leaders.
  • Tactics they use to get Christians sidetracked.
    You Will Also Learn:
  • The logic that is such an effective tool to reach them.
  • How to persuade honest Witnesses to reject the authority of the Watchtower Society.
  • How Watchtower publications contradict themselves, the Bible, and their religion.
  • Why the first thing you must do is destroy their faith in the Watchtower, and how to do it.

If you want to be more successful at sharing the gospel with Jehovah’s Witnesses, here’s help.

Schedule the author to speak in your church.

Daniel Rodriguez has pastored for 10 years, and has worked to reach Jehovah's Witnesses for over 22 years. When your church members hear the ways that the Watchtower Society keeps its members under tight control, they will be moved with compassion for these people and want to reach them. Rodriguez will teach them how to do it. Just email the author at to get information on scheduling him to speak at your church.

Free online reading - Author Daniel Rodriguez shows us what the Jehovah's Witnesses are really like from their own literature with photographic documentation. This incredible information cannot be denied. Read it yourself.

Chapter 1: The Watchtower Society: The Source of Interpretation and Control
• Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Depend upon the Watchtower Society
• How The Watchtower Society Controls the Jehovah’s Witness

Chapter 2: The Watchtower's Purpose and Eternal Value
• How The Watchtower Society Trains Jehovah’s Witnesses
• Their Primary Book for Study
• Challenging and Undermining The Watchtower Society’s Message
• Beliefs Based Solely on the Bible?
• Getting the Witness to Question the Need for The Watchtower Society
• Is The Watchtower Inspired of God?
• False Watchtower Prophecies

Chapter 3: Key Elements to an Effective Witness
• Implementing Your Witnessing Strategy

Chapter 4: Did Jesus Die on a Cross?
• Indecison in The Watchtower
• How Does the Bible Say Jesus Died?
• Implementing Your Witnessing Strategy
• The Decision for Truth

Chapter 5: Who Resurrected Jesus?
• Jehovah God Resurrected Jesus
• Jesus’ Role in His Own Resurrection
• The Holy Spirit’s Role in Jesus’ Resurrection

Chapter 6: Cost of Leaving The Watchtower Society
• The Trauma of Shattered Faith
• The Loss of Family and Security
• Holding on to What Was
• Disciple With Patience

Chapter 7: Showing the Plan of Salvation
• Your Witnessing Strategy
• Jehovah’s Witness Tactics
• Questions for the Witness

Chapter 8: The Journey to Grace
• Discipling Tips
• Share Your Testimony
• Engage in Activities
• The Issue of Trust
• The Decision for Christ
• God Loves to Give

Winning the Witnesses - Customer Reviews

Glasses Implementing the strategy from your book, they got him to agree to come to church today
I had been teaching my teenagers in church the past month or so "How to Deal with JWs", using the techniques from your book and going over them in detail and practicing them and sending them home with information. A couple of the teen boys had told me they were having problems with a young man that they went to school with who was a JW. Well, they implemented the strategy and got him to agree to come to church today. He came and was very nice and was checking me out. Every time I said the Bible says this or that he checked it out. It was almost like he was testing me. After church was over and I was closing up he (the JW) came to me and asked me how he could be saved. So I took him through the Romans road and some other Scriptures and he ended up accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as His Lord and Personal Saviour today! Praise the Lord!!!! He said he was coming back tonight so Lord willing I will get more time to talk with him tonight. Amen! To God be the glory!!!! —Email

Glasses Principles learned from the book leads to an end of studying with the Witnesses
Several months ago, I met a lady at the church I attend whose sister-in-law had been studying with the Witnesses for many, many months. She was so indoctrinated, she had already decided to not celebrate Christmas and was already rejecting Christian and sound Bible doctrine.

To help in her witness, the lady I spoke with was looking for some material at our church and found a pamphlet that explained what the WT teaches. I spoke with her briefly and mentioned that she needed to get a copy of "Winning The Witnesses" which would better equip her in her witness. She secured a copy and has been reading and studying it for the last several months.

This evening, I just received an email that she had been working with her sister-in-law from the principles learned from the book. Get ready: her sister-in-law has decided to STOP studying with the Witnesses. The family was getting calls from the Kingdom Hall asking her sister-in-law to come back to continue the "Bible studies." The woman studying with the Witnesses asked the Kingdom Hall to stop calling and never come back. She will be attending our church from now on.

This is wonderful! Praise God for His leading and conviction for knowing Who the real Jesus is. —El Paso, TX

Glasses Informative, easy-to-read format helped me see the best way to witness to a JW
I had the opportunity to read Winning the Witnesses this weekend, and greatly enjoyed the information you provided about how to talk with Jehovah's Witnesses. The book was informative, and I appreciated how it was laid out in a simple, easy to read/remember format. The summary points and questions were also helpful in remembering how the Watchtower works, and how we can talk to the Witnesses.

I shared much of the information with my husband, who appreciated the information as well. I was intrigued by the last section to know just how difficult it is for Witnesses to break away from the faith, and what they experience when they go through the process. Wow. I think it's easy for Christians to talk with the Witnesseses, and others of false religions in a flippant "I'm right -- you're wrong" mindset, rather than humbly going to the Lord, asking good, hard questions and letting God work in their hearts.

—Denver, CO

Glasses Had I not been prepared by reading the book, I most likely would have made a LOT of things wrong in speaking with them.
One Sunday, a couple came up for prayer at the end of the service; a young man and woman who were dating. The young woman said..."I'm a Christian...I'm Jehovah's Witness." I asked if they KNEW if they would go to Heaven when they died and they weren't sure. I asked "Would you like to be sure?" I presented the gospel to them in simple terms. I explained that some of what she would hear might be different than what she had heard before. The fact that she was EVEN IN our church was a victory! Her boyfriend wanted her to hear the truth (not a Jehovah's Witness).

After they were saved, the Lord lead me to pray for their requests and to really explain to her how much our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit LOVE HER...that on our own, NONE of us are worthy, but that our Heavenly Father sees Jesus when he looks at us (when we receive our free gift of eternal life)...

I did not go into a lot of detail under the circumstances, but the two signed a card to be contacted for a lesson for new believers. I gave the Pastor leading the class the "heads up" so that he would know her JW background.

Had I not been prepared by reading the book (Winning the Witnesses), I most likely would have made a LOT of things wrong in speaking with them. I did not get into theological dialogue, but just pointed out that I had read some of the Watchtower materials and it contradicted itself. I simply planted a small (mustard) seed.
GLORY TO GOD! HE knew that she would be there that day and HE is drawing her to the One True Living God!!

Thanks again, for giving me that book! I have bought several and passed them along!


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