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Can You Trust Just One Bible?

Do you get challenged by others when using your King James Bible? 

Do you wish you had answers to those well-worn accusations against your KJV?

In early 2015, authors Jack McElroy and David W. Daniels felt a burden to help other Christians whose faith was being challenged.  They recorded two unrehearsed interviews where they answered many anti-KJV accusations to show you why you CAN trust just one Bible —The King James Version.   

The videos are available on YouTube, however, this printed book edition has much MORE information and documentation.

You’ll get answers to the most common anti-KJV accusations:

  • Was King James a homosexual?
  • Where was the Bible before 1611?
  • How can we know God endorsed the KJV?
  • I got saved reading the NIV. How can you say it’s no good?
  • Is it true no doctrines were changed in modern versions?  One change helped found the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Those who defend modern versions can no longer deny the changes publishers have made in their Bibles. They often fall back on several common accusations: “King James was gay” or “The KJV is too hard to understand.” The answers to these questions and many more are in this book.

Don’t be defenseless when someone attacks your KJV Bible.

Be ready with answers!

The original videos can be viewed at:



Author: David W Daniels
ISBN: 9780758911162
Price: $9.95 US
Pages: 160 - paperback


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1. Yes, We Can! (Trust Just One Bible)
A Unique Claim Without Trust in the King James, Anything Goes One Book Fulfills God's Purpose of Preservation

2. Was King James a Homosexual?
The Most Secure Place: a King's Bedchamber Reasons for High Security Image: the Gunpowder Plot Lesson from King Ahasuerus Reasons for Leaning on Others The Language of Love A Soft Word... "Worshipping" His Wife Image: the Hampton Court Conference Love for the Queen About the Accusers False Witnesses Weldon's Change of Heart Image: Sir Anthony Weldon Dead Man Writing? James' Speech Before Parliament "Access to His Bedchamber" — Exposed Nothing to Do with Translating King's Provision for the Translators

3. Where Was the Bible Before 1611? And How Can We Know God Endorsed the KJV?
Being Assembled Earlier English Bibles A Bible that Gets Results 400 Years of Proof Does Matter Discarded Bible Versions Can't "God" Get His Bible Right? A Copy of Scripture Is Still Scripture Up to God to Preserve His Words Muslims Love Textual Criticism To Islam and Back, Over the Bible

4. I Got Saved Reading the NIV. How Can You Say It's No Good?
Don't We Want God's Words? We Don't Want a Flexible Bible

5. The Geneva Bible — What's Wrong with It?
Close, But No Banana Errors in the Geneva
Not as Literal and Clear Dated Footnotes

6. Is "King James Only" a Non-Scholarly Position?
I Called Them Names, Too Not a Question of Schooling Do We Believe What God Said? Not Scattered Words God Loves His Children Would God Do Any Less?

7. Are King James Bible Believers Church Splitters?
Who Really Split that Church? What If They Turn from the KJV? Find Another Church? Be Ready with an Answer

8. Is the NKJV Just as Good as the KJV?
Pulling You from the KJV "Perfect Transition Bible" Buy Them All! One World Bible for One World Religion

9. Where Does God Say He'd Preserve His Words in a 17th Century Book?
If God Did It Right the First Time What Did Ezra Do? What Did Jesus Do? What Did the Levites Have?

10. Is It True No Doctrines Are Changed in Modern Versions?
"We Don't Need 1 John 5:7!" Image: Charles Taze Russell The "New Translation" Omitted Without Note or Comment The Making of a Cult Fundamentals of the Faith? Words Mean Something 1 Timothy 3:16 "Without Controversy" They Took out a Single Line Changed Just a Little Bit A Gospel of Works? A Sinless Christ Is Critical

11. How Some Preachers Trick You When Defining Greek Words
But the Original Greek Says... Really Another Translation The Work Is Already Done

12. Why Should God's Word Be Restricted to English?
God Has to Pick a Language Modern Bibles Don't Agree Must You Read Greek and Hebrew? The Cross-References Must Work

13. If You Were the Devil What Would You Do?
Get a Piece of the Action Keep People from Faith Corrupt -Not Peddle- the Words Why "Corrupt" and Not "Peddle" The Quality of the Product

14. What's Wrong with the New King James?
Once You Start Changing... Know a Book by Its Enemies The Love of Money

15. Should We Dump the KJV Because of Archaic Language?
Vocabulary Level of a 51/2 Year Old Archaic Words Today Everyone Learns New Words

16. Are You Crazy for Being "KJV Only"?
Don't Force-Feed Them Changed My Whole Life!

17. How They Kill Your Faith in the Bible in Most Bible Colleges
Bible Colleges Often Have an Agenda Original Autographs Only Textual Criticism Taught to Doubt

18. Must Scholars Tell You What God Really Means, or Did God Preserve His Words?
You Must Agree on a Document You Must Agree on the Wording You Must Know the Words to Obey Them Didn't God Say What He Meant? No "Original Documents" Bible Scholars' Wild Goose Chase

19. Did Westcott and Hort Do Their Job? Or Did They Have Another Agenda?
They Didn't "Revise" the King James Opponents of Revision Trusting Men's Opinions over Scripture Images: BF Westcott & FJA Hort Shady "Rules of Revision" Ignorant Hatred of the Received Text Text Switched for Alexandrian They Didn't Do Their Job

20. Did Jesus Lie to His Own Brothers?
"Are You Coming with Us?" "No" or "Not Yet"? Even One Sin Makes a Sinner "Then How Do I Trust John 3:16?"

21. Jack McElroy's Conclusion
Christians Taught Not to Trust A Defective Foundation? Many Bibles Make God Look Bad "The God of Many Bible Versions" Version Confusion 4 or 40? 70 or 72? 77 or 490? If the Numbers are Wrong, What Else Is? 4 Reasons the KJV is "the Book" Its Success: Its Longevity and Consistency, Its Integrity, Its Impact The Bible or the Best Imposter

22. David W. Daniels' Conclusion
Every Reason To Be Confident We Care That You Trust God's Words


Yes, We Can! 
(Trust Just One Bible)

Let’s start with a little reality check. There are no “NIV-only,” “NAS-only,” “ESV-only,” or even “New King James-only” movements. Only the King James Bible in English has inspired people to trust it, to the rejection of all other English Bibles. They trust it exclusively, because of its faithfully preserved text, as well as its faithfully written translation. It is, they believe, exactly what God would have said, had He written down His words in Classical English.

That is no minor claim. The publishers of the NIV certainly don’t make it. Nor is it claimed of any other English translation.

And the stakes are high, Brothers and Sisters. History shows us, when someone stops trusting and reading the King James Bible, no other Bible takes its place. Recent surveys prove that once people switch to another Bible, the vast majority stop regular reading, and trusting their new Bible. They spend more time carrying it to church than they do reading it. They are unsure of what the Bible says, and their doctrine starts drifting.

Why? Because they have no place where they can trust that they can find God’s words as their final authority and the answer to: “What is truth, what is good —and how can we know?”

History shows us: once a person no longer trusts the King James, anything goes.

Is it any wonder that the church has been losing ground? Is it any surprise that churches and families have been falling apart? Without the King James Bible, we have no single place we can trust to find, read, believe and be changed by God’s words.

This is the only game in town. It’s literally this or nothing.

In early 2015, Jack McElroy and I got together to have an open conversation on camera, answering some of the basic accusations and questions thrown at believers in one preserved Holy Bible in English, the King James Bible. These are questions both he and Chick Publications regularly receive, and we see asked on social media.

Jack and I believe that there is one Book that fulfills God’s purpose of preservation, and that we have that one Book. We believe it stands the test of time and attacks of the enemy. And that Book, the Authorized Version, has been attacked by all sides. So rather than build our case for The Book, which we have done in other books, we want to show you how you can stand in confidence and calmly state why you can trust the King James Bible.

It’s not an empty hope. We can trust just one Bible. For us in English, it is the King James Bible. Give us a chance. By the end of this little book, you may find yourself, as many others have, no longer confused by the enemy. You may just be confident enough to hold up your King James Bible like we do, and say without doubt or wavering, “Thus saith the Lord!”

God bless you as you read.

David W. Daniels

It’s All About Confidence!

Does your confidence in God increase:
if you have to compare several Bible versions and guess at what God said?

Does your confidence in God increase:
when some Bibles have verses missing or footnotes explaining why a verse should not really be there?

Does your confidence in God increase:
when another person’s Bible has a different meaning than yours at Bible study?

Or do these different Bibles make you doubtful that God has a clear message for you? 

This doubt and confusion is not of God.

Every new Bible version that rolls off the press is another insult to our Lord. Why? 

Because they make people doubt God’s promise to preserve His words.

We believe that the Lord preserved His words for us, and that we can be certain that those words appear on the pages of the King James Bible.

We know there’s a groaning in your spirit to be able to tell others WHY the King James Bible is the pure words of our God and that we can know for sure what He said.

This easy-to-read book will give you the tools, insights and revelations to help you to convince others (and yourself) that we hold in our hands the very words of the living God in English, in the King James Bible.

©1984-2018 Chick Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Some portions of are copyrighted by others and reproduced by permission, as indicated by copyright notices on individual pages.

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