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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2011

Soaked Eucharist Grows 'Heart Tissue'
This current example of Catholic superstition and idolatry perfectly illustrates the pagan nature of the Roman Catholic Institution.

Sikh Mission Field-Down My Street?
"I got to be a missionary for a day when 25,000 Sikhs held a parade in my town."

Muddled Bibles Make Shallow Christians
If you're not really sure what the Bible teaches (because there are so many translations), why change your life based upon it?

Why Care About the Jesuits?
Since only 5% of Jesuits actually become priests, where are the other 95%? How are they influencing the world today?

Tract Tip: Heard at a Restaurant
Here's your chance to be a witness.

Creation or Evolution? Evidence from Design
If anyone can see it's clearly designed, how can there be no designer?

New Spanish Bible Based on Trustworthy Texts
God's perfect words (unchanged, nothing removed, nothing added) are now available to the Spanish-speaking world.

Evangelicals, Pope, Modernists Make New Evangelism Rules
How can you claim unity when you don't even share the same faith?

Should We Still Give Out Tracts?
Some leaders claim passing out tracts is a waste of time. But they are forgetting something.

'This World Keeps Spinning Faster, Into a New Disaster'
Many youth feel the world is such a mess, that there is nothing left but despair. But there is hope.

Will the Next Generation Share the Gospel?
Pollster George Barna finds "born again" young people are not likely to witness to their friends. Will this be the "last generation?"

Homosexual Approval the Result of Decades of Lies
How to cram homosexuality down "straight America's" throat. It's working.

Street Ministry 'Dream Team' Shakes Unbelievers Awake
While others curse the darkness, Chick Publications customers Jack and Sandy find creative ways to spread hope.

Persecution Rising in U.K. and Headed Our Way
Even the U.S. government helps in persecuting Christians.

Catholic 'Evangelist' Carried the Wrong Gospel
Doesn't the message matter?

KJV: 400 Years of God's Power in English.
For over 300 years, it was not only the standard for God's word in English, but it also standardized the English language.

Prime Opportunity to Help Jehovah's Witnesses
Failed prophecies is one way to shatter Jehovah's Witnesses' confidence in the Watchtower.

Many U.S. Mosques Teach Violence Against Non-Muslims
A spiritual attack calls for a spiritual defense. It's time to wake up the church.

Sodomite War Stories
The pathway to 'lawful perversion' widens with the recent 'civil union' laws.

Ancient Chick Tract Still Doing Its Job
A Chick distributor in Brazil shares the story of a tract that keeps on ticking.

Even Popes Have Trouble Becoming Saints
Why is it so hard to become a Roman Catholic "saint"?

Sociologist Develops Gospel Saturation Plan
His little "experiment" proves that the distribution of no-nonsense gospel tracts can change a community.

'Holy Roller' Makes Ministry Easy
A converted trailer became the center of his community outreach.

Should a Christian Be a Mason?
Southern Baptist Convention found Freemasonry to be 'incompatible with Christianity' but was unwilling (afraid?) to tell Baptists to stay out.

Soul Winners, We Must Pass It On
Pollster George Barna gives poll results showing why the coming generation of Christians is less likely to witness.

From Faith to Doubt - The Making of an Agnostic
See how Bart Ehrman's Christian college professors convinced him that the Scripture was not really God's words after all.

Gang members in Juarez react to Chick tracts
A missionary shares his exciting stories from Juarez, Mexico.

Planting New Churches with Chick Tracts
Jerry Alford knows it works. He's done it over and over.

How to Deal with Sin: Christian-Muslim Contrast
The Muslim and Christian difference of approach to sin sets the two religions far apart.

'Secrets' You Can Use in Witnessing to Mormons
Mormonism teaches that? New book documents incredible Mormon teachings.

Foreign Language Tracts - A Whole New Joy!
Immigration has brought the mission field to us. A prison chaplain writes, 'I can't believe how much joy I get out of these foreign tracts.'

Persecution Against Christians Rising Worldwide
Is the last haven for religious liberty in jeopardy?

Sex, Evolution's Nightmare!
The existence of the sexes is impossible with evolution.

Doubt! Satan's Sharpest Arrow
How Satan makes people doubt that they really have God’s words.

Confusion Growing over Tolerance of Homosexuals
Gay member of Equal Opportunity Employment Commission says, "Gays win, Christians lose!"

Like Eating an Elephant!
Outreach Missionary Bill Eubanks reports from Zimbabwe... Chick tracts are helping the local pastors reach thousands of students with the gospel.

Parents Fighting Back Against Government Schools
Do parents really have to accept whatever the public school wants to teach their children?

Seed Planted in the Philippines Now Ready for Harvest
Pastors are describing how they were fielding calls for more information from people who have gotten Chick tracts. Many are led to the Lord on the spot and others have already prayed the prayer of faith.

Warning: Disney 'Magic' Toxic to Children
A culture that once supported parents in bringing up youngsters as decent citizens has been converted into a major glamorizer of sin.

Israel Wary of Vatican Synod
Catholic archibishop claims Jews are no longer God’s chosen people.

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A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

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A Message From Jack Chick

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Battle Cry

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